Gaurav and Urmi have a chat about some prostitute and he comes to know its no one other than the daughter born to him and Rashmi. He feels so sad about this. Ishaani gets selected for some beauty course in Paris and shares the news of her getting selected to study at a fashion institution with everyone, except her mother Urmi. Everyone rejoice with her. Diya meets her boyfriend who asks her why she took lift from Shaurya when she can as well as come by auto.


At Shaurya’s office Diya catches hold of some colleagues mobile and copies all important data from his mobile. Diya’s curiosity leads to her finding out some dangerous information about Jamdar’s case. Diya and Karan fight each as Diya refuses to go on a date with him as she is busy with her work.

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In party, Ishaani’s friends eye on Shaurya and say he’s so handsome. Ishaani asks them to stop eyeing him, adding that he’s the best and he deserves someone of his standard. Ishaani’s friends ask her what’s the party for? Ishaani tells her to first let her grand dad come. Just then Anirudh comes along with Urmi. Ishaani stares at her. Her friends ask her to tell her now. Shaurya comes to Ishani and asks her to tell them now. Ishaani tells everyone that she got selected for Paris Institute. All cheer for her.

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