Anita tells Leela she have arranged such a great party in such small time and it would have been better if it was Amritsar but what happened there to her daughter that she couldn’t get her wed there and she came here to hide her face. Leela reminds Anita that she is a guest and she must be sad to see her daughter’s wedding going on well and she want her to see how her daughter is getting married happily. Leela further proudly says it will make her happy as she wanted to kill whatever was between them but she ( Anita) dragged their children in this and this is the biggest triumph for her. Anita praises her that she ( Leela) utter such emotional dialogues and remind her that they are both here and it’s only Sangeet that happened and everything else is left but she hope Twinkle is fine and she has to see a lot more. Raman politely asks Anita to go from here and asks his sister not to worry that Anita keeps doing this. But a confused Leela who is scared with Anita’s words tells her that she want to see twinkle first.


Leela and Raman rush to Twinkle’s room calling out to her and Twinkle comes out of the washroom. Leela goes to her and asks if she is okay? Twnikle asks her mom what happened? Raman says her mom was worried for her because of what Anita say. Twnikle asks her mom why is she always worried for her and assured her that she know what is right and wrong for her now and that Anita and Yuvi can’t harm her. Raman accept that she has grown up but they are here for her. Leela is impress with her daughter and says she grew up in few days and became mature and further reminds her that she will go to her in-laws. Twinkle promise to meet her daily. Leela tells her that she will be busy with Kunj and Twinkle says Kunj is not more important than her mother. Leela tells her daughter that she have to respect him as he is her husband to be.

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Usha asks Kunj if he is concealing something from her? Kunj deny that he is not. Usha remind him that he is about to get married. Kunj assured his mom that there is no one more important than her to him. Usha asks why is he sacrificing his happiness for his dad. Kunj says he have promised him that he will marry Twinkle and she taught him to keep his promises and that it might turns out good for him and no one can take his mother place in his heart. Upon hearing this, Usha says in heart that she won’t let her son live life of a deal. Usha makes plans behind everyones back to get Kunj married to Alisha and comes to meet Alisha and makes her wear a red Chunri ( veil). She aaks Alisha if she marry Kunj? Alisha, who is not that surprise with her action pretend to asks what is she saying? Usha again asks her to tell her as Alisha don’t have much time. Alisha point out that Kunj has to marry Twinkle in a few days and how will all this happen? Adding that Manohar uncle won’t let this happen. While Kunj and Twinkle are out, she tells him to stay back as she is not disturbed. He says her whole world revolves around her and he don’t want to stay here to leave because of her. She explains to him that she get scared that is why she was asking him to stay. Kunj asks if she get scared too. She thought he is taunting him and says no one agrees when one say straight forward. He suggests her they should go to the garden and tell her a story. Twinkle says she likes hearing horror stories in dark. Hearing this, Kunj calls her a completely mad girl and that she talk so much that he is sure she even talk to herself and claiming that he look so good and further accuse him of something new. Twinkle says he is out of her comprehension. He also fire back that he think they have to spend life with confusion and he don’t understand to either.

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