Soni is busily serving food on the table when Cherry comes and tells her that she has warned her not to come infront of Jeet friend’s. Cherry asked her what she was trying to prove infront of Jeet friends. Soni mentions Mummyji, Cherry says enough. Veer comes whiles Cherry leaves. Veer asked her what has happened now that Cheery was shouting.


Durga comes and says that Jeet and Cherry had made a plan with their friends and Soni had come there uninvited. Cherry didn’t like it . Durga tells Veer that she was tired of the problems that comes to the house everyday. Durga goes. Veer tells Soni that he did not expect that from her, you promise me and you did it again . He furthermore says that because of her small mistakes, everyone is hurt and he leaves. At the Hall,
Mahi comes and tells Tyaji to taste the prasad and see if it’s good, Tyaji says it has to be good as she has made it. Suhani comes down and Tyaji asked what type of dress she has worn and then Tyaji says that she doesn’t know what type of clothes they wear for the Hawan. Tyaji call Gauri and she brings a dress. its purple and Tyaji says to Suhani to go and put this on. Suhani goes..


Suhani looks at the purple dress and asked herself whether she has become fat. Suhani brings some weight box and starts to exercise. Gauri comes and is shocked and asked what she was doing ? Mahi, and Tayaji also comes and are both shocked. Mahi asked her what she was doing and she says it can hurt the child. Mahi asked what if something has happened to the child, Tyaji says that she will call the doctor. Suhani says nothing has happened as she was perfectly fine. Tyaji tells Suhani that if something happens to the child, Shabd won’t forgive her. Tyaji wants to call the doctor but Suhani keeps trying to stop her. Shabd says that Tyaji right,blet me call the doctor. Suhani says its OK and says that she has an appointment with the doctor after the Hawan. Everybody leaves. Suhani was going also but Tyaji says to Suhani will u seat in the pooja in this dress? wear the one that i have bought for you,the purple dress. Tyaji leaves.

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