Leela comes to Guradvarah temple with Twinkle, she looks at Twinkle and tell her that whatever she decide about the marriage, she will support her and if she don’t want to marry Kunj based on what happened the previous night then she can decline. She further tells Twinkle that for her, her daughter happiness is most important and she don’t think Kunj can stoop so low, and that she is not saying that she is wrong but maybe someone else did this. She adds that she thought to break this marriage but she (Twinkle) accepted the proposal infront of the media and asks Twinkle to tell her her decision.


Twinkle reply her mother that she is clear about her decision and she is ready to marry Kunj. Leela thinks in her mind and prays to Lord that she don’t know what happened last night, but she only want Twinkle’s happiness and she is giving everything in God’s hands. Twinkle prays to lord in her mind that her mother has bear so much pain because her, she is insulted alot and that’s why she said yes for the marriage even after knowing what Kunj did to her last night and now everything is in His hands. Manohar on the other hand confidently tells Nikki that the marriage will happen from Mumbai, he comes to Leela’s house and tells Leela that whatever happened last night, he have no words to apologize but he know Kunj is not that type of guy and he is not saying Twinkle is wrong, and that Leela can punish Kunj but not to break this marriage as this relation is fixed by Lord. Leela tells him not to worry that this marriage will happen and just then, a servant brings parcel sent by Anita, there are clothes in it and note from Anita that Twinkle’s clothes got torn last night so she might need more clothes.


Ramam gets furious and comes to Anita’s house asking how dare she do this? Anita explain that she was just trying to give clothes to Twinkle. Leela ask Raman to leave. Anita ask what happened? She further asks if she embarrassed? Leela politely tell Anita that she have stretched this fight alot, but now her Twinkle is getting married asking her to end all this, live and let them live.

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