Mahi returns back to her matrimonial home. She takes the blessings of Tyagyi and Aunt Billo. Shabd was also happy to see Mahi returned but Suhani is left upset. Mahi comes inside and tells them they might all be thinking why she has come back to her matrimonial home, Mahi tells them that after leaving she though that this is her house and she is Shabd’s legally wedded wife, and as such no one can snatch that right from her.


Tyaji comes and says that the most respectful and much cherished in every household is of the wife. Mahi comes towards Suhani and tells her that she is the guest of their house, she can stay there until she want. Mahi says that they have to take care of Suhani as she is going to give a heir to their family. Tyaji asked Mahi what she is saying. She says that she is right in every word that she said. Mahi tells Shabd that she has returned to their house but not in his life. Mahi tells Tayaji that you have forgotten your responsibility, Suhani is pregnant for the first time and you and Tyaji need to take care of her. Mahi says we all will take care of Suhani now. Mahi says to Suhani you are standing here since a long time, go and take rest.


At the Khurana mansion, The sari man has come and Durga is selecting some sari for Cherry. Cherry tells Durga that she has brought a lot of saris for her, she should also buy some for Soni also. Durga tells her that she can even give a sari to a servent, which isn’t something big. Durga tells the sari man to give some Kurta for the house boys. Durga select a Kurta and asked Cherry if she likes it .Cherry says yes. The sari man asked her the length she wants the Kurta to be?Durga says she doesn’t know, Durga asked Cherry? Cherry says she doesn’t know either. Soni replied 3 and a half meter. Jyoti says so you also know this about Jeet. Soni says to Jyoti that she has learned how to calculate the meter that’s why she can say atleast how much it will take just by looking at the height of someone. Cherry asked her of how many people she knows their height ?Soni asked Cherry what she meant by that? But Cherry left.

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