At the hotel in Jeet and Cherry’s room , at night,Jeet is crying and Cherry as well. Cherry thinks whenever she try to come closer to Jeet, Jeet goes away..


Its morning,Soni wakes up..Soni keeps looking at Veer,Veer wakes up and kiss Soni, the phone ring,its Durga. Soni picks up,she tries to talk but Veer keeps pulling her and hugging her while Soni tells him to stop. Durga hears this on the phone. Durga asked did I disturb you? I think I should talk with Cherry. Durga cut the phone. Durga in her house says evily that I have to do something about Soni and Veer marriage.

Jeet wakes up and saw Cherry sitting down,he goes and sit with her. Jeet says u woke up so early. Cherry says I didn’t sleep..Jeet says I slept when I went to bed. Cherry says you didn’t even tell me what happened in the storm and didn’t even ask what was going on with me? The phone ring,Cherry picks up its Durga, she ask how Jeet return from the storm?Cherry says Jeet has not even told me then how can i tell you.Durga tells her to go to Veer’s room and see if everything is fine because she called them and the phone disconnected and be sure to tell Veer to call me if he has some time.. Veer and Soni had a great moment, they are fighting with the pillow. Cherry come and look at them and remember her night with Jeet. Cherry says to Veer that when he has enough time he should call mummyji..

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The doctor says to T/T and Mahi that Shabd is fine now, if you want, you can take him home..The doctor gets a call and goes..Tyaji says to Mahi that its because of her that Shabd is fine otherwise we had lost the hope..Tayaji says that Shabd is lucky that he got a wife like her..Mahi says when Shabd gets discharged till then i will be here. Tyaji says we remember you said that you will go after Shabd is fine but he is not completely fine..Tayji both says that till Shabd is not completey fine she shouldn’t go anywhere..,I beg of you..Mahi agrees but says that i have a condition. When Shabd gets well. I will go from here, and you will not stop me. She said

Cherry comes inside the room and saw Jeet reading the newspaper and says that you have come here to read the newspaper or for the honeymoon, she throw the newspaper from Jeets hand..Cherry says what is a honeymoon for? how its is, if you want to know so one time go and see your brother and bhabhi.. Cherry says learn from them and says that after seeing Veer & Soni anyone can says that they love each other very much and between us nothing..Jeet says enough, I don’t want to listen to anything for now..Cherry is shocked. The screen freezes on Cherry’s face.



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