Outside the Sarren mansion, the strange woman kept on telling Mahi to take her inside the house as she wants to leave with her. Mahi tells her that she can’t and says that she was not her daughter. In other words she asked her to leave. Mahi who was going inside was still followed by the strange woman. Mahi stops and again tells the woman to leave. Just then Tyaji calls for Mahi. Mahi secretly took the woman and hides her in a secret room. Tyaji comes outside and sees no one. Mahi tells the woman to stay there and not to come outside. She leaves.


In the car, Soni’s phone rings and it’s Cherry. Cherry tells Soni that she has given a suit to the tailor of Jeet to stitch it. She asked her if she could possibly bring it it to him since she was heading home. Soni tells her that the market was far behind her. Cherry in a manipulative way begs Soni to go and get it as she has to give it to Jeet that day as a surprise. Soni finally agreed. Cherry thanks her by saying that she has solved a grand problem of hers. Cherry ends the phone call and smile evily.

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At the dinning table, everyone is eating, Tayaji asked Shabd where they were going this time. Shabd replied Mauritus. Kamya says ”Wow”. Tyaji saw Mahi was not eating and said to her. “You have looked at the plate for a long time now. She asked her to eat and also asked her whether if she was not happy to go with Shabd to such a good place. Mahi replied that she was happy. Tyaji says then show it. TT and Kamya leaves. Shabd tells Mahi that he has something important to talk to her about. He asked her to come to the room. Mahi tells him to go ahead, she will come soon. Shabd leaves. Mahi put some food on the plate and leaves with it.

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